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Dresdner Harfen-Centrum Poralla
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  • Quality selection of instruments by Master Harpbuilder Wolf-Dietrich Poralla
  • 1 conditioning/regulating 12 months after delivery
  • Delivery for Concert Harps
  • The manufacturer's guarantee conditions remain valid
  • Workshop guarantee for second-hand instruments
  • Harps are regulated before delivery, either tuned as requested or as per 441
  • Conditioning and regulating of Concert Harps and Folk Harps at client's premises
  • General reconditioning of all brands
  • Restoration of harps, including reworking of ornamentation and inlays
  • Gilding work
  • Lacquering using latest technologies
  • Lacquering using traditional methods of instrument builders
  • Buy-back guarantees, actual values, for each instrument purchased from us


Harfe vor Reparatur   Werkstattarbeiten
No comment   Reconstruction ...
Vergoldung Werkstattarbeiten
... re-gilding ...   ... in style 23 dated 1953.
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